Although the authorities that oversee the industry are constantly vigilant, unfortunately, scammers do occasionally slip through the sieve. We’ve added this section to the review because it’s always a good idea to check factors that speak to the site’s trustworthiness before signing up.

One factor to always check is the company behind the casino operator. In this case, it is Hero Gaming Ltd. whose homepage can also be easily accessed through the website. This company has been in the industry for many years and supports numerous entertainment gaming sites, so it can be called a reliable operator.

Also, for example, a clear statement of terms of use and rules is a very important factor of transparency and reliability, which, however, suits Golden Tiger Casino. 

We also always recommend that you check, for example, the address of the home page for the prefix HTTP, because this combination of letters means that the site is not protected by the best means. If the address begins with “HTTPS,” as Golden Tiger Casino does, you can be sure that your personal information is protected with the best possible protocols.

Golden Tiger Casino – Deposits and Withdrawals

Quick withdrawals are also one of the benefits of well-functioning websites. This is made possible by the Swedish payment service provider Trustly, which is also used by Golden Tiger Casino.

Thanks to the service, money transfers are fast, safe, and very easy, so you should try Trustly’s services without prejudice, even if you have no experience with the payment broker in question.

A minimum deposit of 10 CAD is required from the client to access the game, and the minimum amount for withdrawal is 20 CAD. At this point, it is also useful to remind you that the bonus offered at first registration can be used for your own needs with a minimum deposit of 50 CAD.

Trustly supports most and most common banks, so, in principle, the banks’ own processing time applies. However, the Casino promises to process all money transfers no later than 24 hours after the payment transaction, so you should wait patiently during this time.

Customer Support

The ways to contact Golden Tiger Casino’s customer support team are quite traditional. There are two different channels, live chat, and email, which also work in multiple languages, though not always.

This is naturally due to the fact that from time to time, all staff members who know a player’s native language may be available. If English or German does not work at all, we recommend that you contact us by e-mail. 

If your question is not a burning question, you should also definitely take a look at the site’s FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions (aka FAQ), where the administrators have tried to create a comprehensive set of the most frequently asked questions.

The fastest and easiest way to get in touch with you is to use the live chat, which should be used when you have an urgent problem situation. For less pressing questions, email is great.

What kind of players is Golden Tiger Casino suitable for?

It’s easy for every player to have fun on this site, as each country has its own user interface. Not only have we been taken into account in the quality of the site translated into our language, but also, for example, in the local leagues in the betting section.

As mentioned, customer service also plays the game in the player’s native language, so there is hardly any need to consult a dictionary when navigating this site. In addition, many games are released in localized versions, so you don’t have to be too familiar with the industry’s English-language terminology.

In addition, the Maltese license guarantees Canadian citizens tax-free profits. So you don’t have to worry about extra marks on your tax card, because the tax bear bypasses Maltese tax-free gambling sites from afar and doesn’t touch players’ winnings.

In addition to this, Golden Tiger Casino’s gaming license ensures that playing on the site is completely safe and monitored. The authorities are watching, and I make sure that the casino is operating the way all the rules indicate.

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